Joshy in Big Sky Country,  Poetry and Prose


I wrote this poem in honor of my son, Joshy, which was read at his memorial service on April 16, 2022.


Your smile continues to echo across the shadows—

A haunting remnant of the pain that once marked your brow

And a fountainhead of light in the darkest midnight.

Seeking the Audience of One, you journeyed toward the long tomorrow,

A worn and weary traveler now at rest.

Parting ways in the depths of night, rejoining in eternal day.


Sweet affliction, burdened beyond your tender years

God, in grace, entrusted me to walk beside you,

Through paths of bittersweet valleys, in thorns and wildflowers.

He gathered our tears in glass bottles, uneven plops of melancholy

Your smile resounds across eternity; my heart in spilled ink.

Until I find you in the long tomorrow, beholding the Author of our days.


C. L. Stansberry is a Christian speculative fiction writer and blogger with a desire to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him beautiful and glorious in the eyes of the people.

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