About C. L. Stansberry

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C.L. Stansberry is a mother of four, bibliophile, blogger, and writer, and holds dual PhDs in Procrastination and Disorganization with a particular penchant for avoiding housework whenever possible. She writes monthly book briefs for Accelerate Books. When she’s not extolling the fine virtue of procrastination, you can find her under piles of notes working on her novel. She makes her home in Central Montana.

Why I Write

I write primarily to honor and glorify God. Nothing else approaches in importance. Secondly, I write to inspire. If my writing has not touched the hearts and lives of my readers, I have not done my job.

Work in Progress: Midnight at the Fountain of Joy

Stories come and go with the tide. One washed up on the rocks, muddied and tangled in debris, crying out for a mother now absent. Her only companion, a curious creature with dark brown and black guard hairs and a resolute look in its black beady eyes. It was a story twenty-years-old, but the sea carried on it a reminder, a sorrowful whisper so that no one would ever forget. And no one had.

Writing Groups I Belong to

I’m a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Realm Makers.







If you have questions or would like to drop me a line, you can contact me here:

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