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    I wrote this poem in honor of my son, Joshy, which was read at his memorial service on April 16, 2022.   Your smile continues to echo across the shadows— A haunting remnant of the pain that once marked your brow And a fountainhead of light in the darkest midnight. Seeking the Audience of One, you journeyed toward the long tomorrow, A worn and weary traveler now at rest. Parting ways in the depths of night, rejoining in eternal day.   Sweet affliction, burdened beyond your tender years God, in grace, entrusted me to walk beside you, Through paths of bittersweet valleys, in thorns and wildflowers. He gathered our tears…

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    Writing in Adversity: A Perspective

    Adversity washes over me, morning and evening, day to day. It often comes on the heels of one another, bringing with it tidings of heartache and joy. Yes, joy. Nehemiah 8:10 states, “The joy of the LORD is your strength.” People ask me how I do it, how I endure in the face of affliction. My answer? Christ. I merely breathe the breath He has given me and go on. This side of eternity, I may never see beyond the frayed knotting of the Weaver. I can’t see the whole picture. But I can trust. I trust Christ more than anything. The pain, oh the pain in my heart is…

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    Writing for the Long Tomorrow

    I wrote this piece for the Colorado Christian Writers Conference contest, prose category. Although it didn’t win, I view it as the reason for and a reflection of my desire to write for the Audience of One. Writing for the Long Tomorrow Darkness licks at the remnants of a once proud city, the wind whispering lamentations through its corpse. The fragrant stench of death permeates every square inch, ruling over the ghosts of long-gone gods. Inhibit truth and life ebbs, awash in despair. The Audience of One points me here, a daily reminder on my journey toward the long tomorrow. Through tempests and deserts, barren winters and silent chasms. Through…

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